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Board of Advisory 

Ami Shafran
Major General (Ret)

Ami Shafran is the former (2006-2011) Head of IDF’s C4I Branch (J6), responsible for IDF's Telecommunication and IT systems and infrastructure, ECM/EW (Electronic-Warfare) and Cyber Defense, as well as commanding IDF's Signal Corps.


Ami retired from active service in Feb. 2013 after 40 years of military career, serving about half of that period in the Intelligence Directorate in number of classified positions. Ami was the Head of the R&D Department in the Intelligence Directorate, the R&D Attaché' at the Israeli Embassy in the USA, the Head of the R&D in Israel Ministry of Defense, Research & Development  Directorate (MAFAT). Ami served also as the Assistant to the IDF's Chief of the General Staff and as Chief of Staff for the Israel Minister of Defense.


Ami was member of the board of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. (2004-2007) and he is currently involved in various initiatives, consulting and serves on the board of some Israeli’s Hi-Tech companies.


Ami involved in various initiatives, consulting and serves on the board of some Israeli’s Hi-Tech companies.


Ami holds a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the “Ben Gurion” University in Beer Sheva and MBA from the Tel Aviv University.

Eli Polak
Brigadier General (Res)  
Mena Bachrach 
Brigadier General (Res)  

Mena Bacharach has more than 37 years of extensive security and operational experience at all levels. His experience includes security projects management, business development.


Mena was involved in many security projects such as Airports, Airlines, Safe /Smart City, Ports, Olympic Games, Hotels, Refineries, Factories, Etc. Mena served as  Senior VP in a Swiss/Israeli consulting company while he was in  charge of Marketing, Business Development and Technology of the entire group, especially in the Indian market.


Mena has served as HLS director in RAFAEL (Armament Development Authority). Mr. Bacharach was one of the founders of ICTS Aviation group and was Executive Vice President - Head of Operations and Aviation. Under this roll he was directly responsible for establishing the new operations in many locations around the world. Prior to it Mr. Bacharach served in the ISA (Israel Security Agency) in the Aviation security department. Mena has graduated from the Israeli General Security Agency (ISA Shin Beit) in Aviation and General Security.


Mr. Bacharach is the Vice Chairman of the Public Committee Aerospace, Defense & HLS Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI).


Mr. Bacharach completed a postgraduate degree in management and marketing for senior managers at the University of Tel Aviv and B.A. in Social Sciences, Criminology and Economics. Bar Ilan, Israel.

Eli Polak has served in the IDF for three decades. He retired after a successful military career as Brigadier-General in 2013.


Eli completed his military career as the Chief Combat Intelligence and Collection officer at the Ground Force Command (Brigadier-General). Previously, he served as the Geospatial Intelligence Agency (IGA) Commander – in the M.I.D, and the Field Intelligence School Commander.


Eli Polak has more than 20 years of experience in intelligence and operational confrontation with different ideologies terrorist groups in different areas.


Eli Polak took a central role in many operational actions as a commander of a special Collection Battalion, a Divisional Intelligence Officer, a Field Intelligence School Commander. During this period he became acquainted with the ideologies, concepts, courses of action and methods that were held by those groups.


Eli Polak was the Chief Combat intelligence and Collection Officer at the Ground Forces Command. During this period he led the construction of an intelligence collection system along the Israeli borders: analysis of the threat, selection of the operational response – concept, technologies, command & control, placement and training of manpower.

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