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​Growing threats of terror, and of serious crime on the home front, challenge society’s security. We are facing new security challenges, with our critical infrastructure — including governmental sites, energy facilities, public transportation, and the telecom industry — considered a high-value target.


RDeYe provides Homeland Security solutions to protect core assets and enable functional continuity. Our solutions are based on customizing and combining several layers: counterintelligence and alerts for situation awareness, technology for physical protection, and appropriate operational response, all integrated into a command & control system.



nuclear / critical infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure


Strategic Analysis – Analyzing and defining the threat of reference, and designing a multi-layer protection shield.

  • Perimeter security – Implementing our multilayer protection shield, including:

  • Counterintelligence & alerts

  • Perimeter "smart shield“ – With surveillance camera and a multi-sensor technology electronic fence, access control and securing the critical inner sites

  • Communications protection & cyber protection

  • Command & Control

  • Response teams – Training and organizing law enforcement and companies response units

Jail protection

Correctional Facility Solutions


We provide all kind of operational solutions to correctional facilities including all Intelligence and Situation Awareness, Command and Control, Telcom Control and RF Gamming, Parameter Security, less-lethal solutions and training

border protection

Border Protection


Confronting the challenges with operational concepts based on a technological barrier that provides alerts and law-enforcement attention in response to irregular events in designated border sections.


  • “Smart fence” A barrier combing different type of sensors that “detect & explore” irregular events

  • Command & control rooms – Technology, methodology, and operator training

  • Training of response teams

safety cameras

Safe City


Providing city authorities, citizens, and businesses with a safe and secure environment while maintaining their convenience. Solutions are based on collecting valuable information from a variety of sensors and systems in each region, all integrated into one command & control system (PSIM – Physical Security Information Management) that enables law enforcement agencies to respond and to maintain public safety. Solution components:


  • Disposition of transportation-control and information-collecting sensors

  • Command & control / PSIM

  • Building and training response teams 

control room

Crises Management


Consulting to the management team and training it to control and contain critical mega-events and crises such as natural disasters and mega-terror events, and to prevent security crises at mega-events such as national sports and culture events.

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