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The basic fundamental in breaching the rival and getting operational and business competitive advantage is having intelligence superiority. RDeYe leading team applies operational experience from various intelligence agencies to improve the capability of states and security organizations to gather and integrate intelligence information for their operational intelligence needs.


We specialize in designing and implementing multi-layer intelligence solutions at the strategic and national levels as well as Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) for tactical needs:




Strategic & National Intelligence System


Strategic Design – We design and upgrade systems for all sorts of national intelligence collection, such as advanced massive SIGINT collection and target location, all types of aerial collection such as satellite and Payload Operational Director technology (POD), and data fusion, according to the customer’s essential information request (EIR).


Intelligence Fusion Center – We integrate methodologies and technologies so that all collection arrays can be managed, and all sources of information analyzed, to form a single operational intelligence picture.

night vision eqipment

ISR Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance 


We combine various methods and combat tactics, together with technology for operational intelligence including a full range of electro-optical surveillance equipment, cellular interception, target location, and undercover reconnaissance equipment.

intelligence training room

Intelligence Training


We train intelligence organization functionaries and system operators (SIGINT, VISINT, etc.) as well as managers, to bring the intelligence organization to top operational effectiveness.



business intelligence tools

Competitive Business Intelligence 


We build an internal company capability for harvesting business intelligence data to provide business continuity and competitive advantage.



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