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Ram Dor
Ram Dor
CEO and Founder
(Colonel Ret)

Ram is the former IDF CISO. Retired from active service in 2009, Ram is still serving in the reserves. Mr. Dor  is a senior intelligence officer; served most of his 25 years of intelligence career in operational units in combat zone. During his career he was also assigned for 3 years of intelligence duty in Washington D.C. Ram has vast experience in counter terror, cyber warfare, cyber security & information security.


In 2009 he joined RONTAL Engineering Solution executive team, and in 2010 founded RDeYe Integrated Security Solutions, a company specializing in the designing  and implementation of integrated intelligence, security & cyber protection campaigns and projects.  


Ram is well known in the Israeli cyber community while he brings new CONOPS to dill with new updated threats, he is also involved in new cyber initiative and technologies. 


The company has a 4 years track record in complex intelligence and cyber services, boasting customers such as: law enforcement agencies, private companies, the Israeli MOD, cyber start-ups and more.


Ram Dor holds BA in Economics & Social Since from "Bar Ilan" University and M.B.A from Tel Aviv University (Executive Program, Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration)


Ishai Elinson
Ishai Elinson
Business Strategy Director
(Colonel Ret)

Colonel Elinson holds 30 years of experience of intelligence in: Collection and Tasking management, Intelligence Special operations, Cyber protection, Technology for Intelligence – primarily for SIGINT and OSINT and for Data Fusion and analysis.  


Ishai  served as Head of the Strategic Planning and tasking Division of IDF Intelligence and Head of intelligence gathering activities department which was responsible at the Israeli intelligence community tasking and gathering for the national level.


Colonel Elinson holds experience and knowledge in the fields of Collection tasking management and direction as well as in SIGINT, OSINT and IT capabilities for intelligence (Data Fusion, Analysis tools, CMS).


Since his retirement he founded Startup Company developing advanced intelligence data extraction and he still involving with Business Development for advanced data extraction operations and advanced security technology. 


Ishai holds Business Administration M.A from Ben Gurion University.

Doron Ofek
Doron Ofek
IT & Cyber Project Manager 

Doron, served as a technological leader in number of companies, and founded innovative complex operations in the IT and Cyber Space.


Doron perform as an expert in the areas of Linux and free software in the last 25 years, during the years he set up training  and support centers, and performed these activities in the field of information security and cyber.


Doron developed professional courses in the IT, Technology and Cyber, fields as well as courses at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, in the Department of Continuing Education, nowadays he is part of the academic faculty of Ben-Gurion University where he is leading one of the cyber tracks, taking part as a lecturer. 

Without any prior academic degree Doron has got special recognition for being "Lecture with Extraordinary Skills" from the Council for Higher Education in IsraelDoron advice to startups, R&D and technology enterprise companies in the defense industry governmental agencies, the military, the academy and research centers.


Doron bring special project management capabilities to our team in areas of technological infrastructure, core systems, cluster systems, grid systems, free software, Linux, securityand cyber defense and attack in cyberspace.

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